As a child, Siff’s life was always filled with performance;  a dancer at the dance school ‘Jazz and Motion’ in Hvidovre; a musician with recorder and piano at the music school in Rødovre; an actor with drama, dance, and song at the Eventyrteatret’s drama school in Valby, and later in Søborg. There was a lot to be achieved after school, and it was achieved!

The school performances and the leisure center’s plays could only satisfy for so long, but it was in the Glass Hall in Tivoli with the Fairy Tale Theater that Siff felt the rush before the curtain went up! It was at Eventyrteatret where little Siff learned about discipline and work ethic; when she got the role as elf in Folketeatret’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, she took it very seriously. This later also led to major roles at the same theater, where she participated in the staging of “A Christmas Adventure” in both 2005 and 2006. To this day, the Folketeatret in Copenhagen has a special place in Siff’s heart and she looks forward to returning to the theater one day.

In 2007, Siff participated in the performance “Grasshoppers” at the Royal Danish Opera. Theatre, Stærekasse, directed by Simon Boberg. Here Siff played the spoiled girl Alegra, opposite Henning Jensen as her grandfather, and Charlotte Munch and Jens Jacob Thygesen as his parents

In 2010, Siff said a short goodbye to the busy commerical theater life, to take 10th grade at Tømmerup Fri- og Efterskole near Kalundborg. But there was still time for theater, with teaching from i.a. Kenneth M. Christensen and a study trip to London with teaching and tours in the theaters. The drama line’s annual theater performance also resulted in major roles for Siff, such as Scaramouche from “We Will Rock You” (where Siff sang “Somebody to love” by Queen) and Shylock from “The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare – yes, you read that right. Shylock’s famous monologue has followed her ever since and is one of her favorites!

After school, Siff was admitted to the music high school Sankt Annæ in Valby. Here she started on the drama and music line, as well as the classical high school choir, which all gave greater insight into especially classical music. The choir went out and performed in many of the Copenhagen churches, with various works such as Mozart’s Requiem and G. F. Handel’s Messia (where the most famous piece must be “Hallelujah”). In 2011, the choir had a tour trip to China, where they performed for a total of a thousand Chinese in the cities of Shaoxing and Shanghai.

2011 was also the year where Siff participated in the C: NTACT performance “So you can learn it!” on child rearing. All the stories in the performance came from the actors themselves and here Siff told the story – through a song she herself had composed and performed with – about her early teenage years, where she, like so many others, felt misunderstood and very alone. Siff’s message to the many elementary school students who came and saw the notion was that if students could open up to someone about what they were going and feeling, they might be able to avoid feeling as alone as her.

In 2012, Siff became director of the SAG show (Sankt Annæ Gymnasiums Show), which is Northern Europe’s largest student-produced performance. Here, together with two other students, she was responsible for directing and putting together the performance “A Devil’s Play” with 400 actors, which consisted of a mixture of dancers, musicians, soloists, choir singers, technicians and actors. The show is still something Siff is proud of today because she proved something to herself that she knew deep down: that she could also take the leadership position and not just stand on stage.

Although being an instructor was something that attracted Siff and which she has continued to do in smaller projects, it did not become what she focused on after high school. Instead, Siff took the last place available at The Academy of Acting basic course in acting in the autumn of 2013.

The Academy of Acting became a crucial turning point for Siff in her adult life, because it was here that she was taught for the first time in an educational context as an adult, professional actress and where there were completely different requirements for her than she had experienced before. Especially her hours with actors Christian Bergman and Mads Riisom, made Siff realize the importance of the emotional bond with her roles. That was the beginning of what was to become Siff’s own approach to character work.

Not so long after the Academy of Acting, Siff got his first film lead role in the short film “Insect”, directed by Kasper Juhl. The role of Hannah and the experiences she had with the production were the beginning of a new interest in her profession: film acting

Siff then immediately started looking for as many film roles as she could and this has so far resulted in 20 short films, 7 commercials, 4 music videos and 2 feature films, of which the latest feature film “Victim of Love” will be released in December 2020.

In 2018-2019, Siff took the basic education in film acting at the Danish Film Actors’ Academy in Østerbro. Here she went in depth with her film acting and learned the importance of taking care of herself as a private person, i.a. to be able to become a better actor and to have a cohesive life around her work.

2015 London Film Awards

Won Gold Lion Award: Acting & Performance Best Supporting Actress for Høsten (2015)

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