Alone on the Journey (Short Film) 2020

This production beats everything I’ve accomplished when it comes to patience and endurance!

The story is about a young man who is on his way home to his family on Bornholm. We meet him on the Povl Anker ferry, where he is napping. But when he wakes up, all the people on the ferry have disappeared, even though the ferry is still on the high seas! The only ones he finds are two employees on the ferry, who are just as confused as him. I play one of the staff.

Together they try to find out what happened and why the ship mechanic John seems so strange?

So, we filmed Povl Anker ferry on Bornholm, where the director Fredrik Hagedorn Poulsen was raised, over the course of 3 days, and it was all voluntary, as it was not possible to find funding. A few days before, the weather prospects tell us that a storm is coming to Bornholm the days we have to film (the storm Laura) and not only that – then the whole country closed down on Wednesday evening, March 11,the day of our arrival – due to the corona crisis.

Povl Anker is set to sail because it is Bornholm’s only ferry that can handle the stormy weather. Povl Anker rarely sails, so we have to move our footage to night to be able to film on the ferry.

I must admit that it was not easy to stay focused, with all that was happening around us – I was suddenly in a situation where the source of my income was significantly diminished due to the Corona crisis as a freelance actor. So it was a challenge to maintain focus and keep your eyes open on the late night hours.

But we got everything in the bag and now I am very much looking forward to seeing the result later this year, and we hope you are too.

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